Project Currency Quiz System

Currency Quiz system - Part 1 of Project

Assume that you have been asked to create a simple quiz software to test knowledge of countries
and their currencies.

The quiz software should ask questions as follows:

What is the currency of <….name of the country…..>?

Q1. What is currency of Oman?
Omani Rial
Q2. What is the currency of Japan?


The questions should be generated dynamically and the name of the country must come from a map which you have initialized. The student answers by typing the name of the currency and pressing ENTER key and the software shows another question with the name of a different country - this should continue until the software the iterated over all the countries in the map

Each time the student enters an answer you check the map to see if his/her answer is correct. The software should make a record of which questions were answered correctly and which questions were answered incorrectly.

If any of questions were answered incorrectly the quiz starts again asking the same questions but in a different randomized order.

At the end when the student has answered all the questions the software displays results as follows:

=== Result of Currency Quiz ===
Total Questions : 10
Correct answers : 5
Wrong answers: 5
You scored 50% on this quiz.

This was your attempt no: 1

The Questions which you answered incorrectly were
Q2. What is the currency of Singapore?
Q5. What is the currency of Yemen?
Q7. What is the currency of Malaysia?
Q8. What is the currency of Pakistan?
Q9. What is the currency of Australia?
The quiz will now start again!

Total marks for this part Project : 10

What will make you loose marks:

1. Not using classes - you should have at least 2-3 classes
2. Your program does not work at all
3. Your program works incorrectly
4. Does not count correct and incorrect answers properly
5. Questions which were answered incorrectly are not shown
6. Report at the the end of each quiz is not shown exactly as above
7. Number of tries are not calculated correctly
8. Quiz does not repeat in a different randomized order if there are incorrect answers

How to submit

Send all the C++ files as a zip file to

Last date for submission:

07 Nov 2013
Marks are cut for late submission at 20% of the assignment marks per day.


You may works in group of 2-3 students each.


Copying from Internet or otherwise will strictly not be tolerated leading to loss of marks significantly.

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