Comparative Report

Comparative report on C++ and a language of your choice

Write a comparative report on C++ comparing it with other languages using the knowledge that you have gained in this course. Topics of comparison with other languages include the following - these topics must be included in the report

  • Support for classes and OOP in C++ and the other language you are comparing
  • Inheritance and Multiple Inheritance in C++ and the other language
  • Polymorphism and different types of polymorphism in C++ and your chosen language – using abstract classes and interfaces
  • Libraries in standard C++ (STL) their comparison with the other language
  • Exception handling and assertions in C++ and your chosen language
  • Basic facilities such as console input/output and file input/output

Include code examples in C++ and your selected language side by side in your report to show the similarities or differences between the two languages.

The report should be about 6-8 pages long excluding the pages for references for books, websites etc from which you have taken some information.

NOTE: In your report do NOT compare more than one language to C++.

Your group must chose ONE programming language that they want to compare C++ with from the following:

  1. Java [ID: 044, 310, 045]
  2. C# [IDs:226,227,097,056,347]
  3. Objective C [IDs:286,144,120]
  4. Ruby [IDs:040,069,159,229,225]
  5. Python [IDs:096,059,216,344]
  6. Go (Google's new programming language which is based on C++)

Marks: 15%

Group work: Students up to four may work together on this report.

Copying: Do not copy directly from the website but write in your own words and cite the URL from which your taken information by putting the references otherwise your group will loose marks

Due date: 30 December 2009

Submission: Submit your report by email to the following address

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