Installing Dev C++ Portable

Installing and Using Dev C++ Portable

We will be using the Dev C++ Portable version for easy installation

For Dev C++ Portable I prefer to use it because there is no need to install it like the normal version. The portable version is exactly the same as the normal version.
The benefit for the students is that students can extract the portable version to their flash drives and run it from there - so they can use this in any lab (or any computer) because it runs from their flash drive.

Steps to use DEV C++ Portable:

  1. Make sure your flash drive is plugged into the system
  2. Download DEVC++ portable from
  3. Double click on the PAF file downloaded in step 2
  4. The PAF installer asks you where to extract - select the path to your flash drive
  5. Follow the steps to complete the extraction. After the extraction is complete you will see a folder Dev-CppPortable on your flash drive.
  6. Click on the Dev-CppPortable file (blue Dev C++ icon) inside the Dev-CppPortable folder.
  7. For the first run only DEV C++ starts an initial configuration wizard - just click Next , Next till you complete.
  8. After this DEV C++ starts - now you can compile and run programs directly from your flash drive.

In step 4 if you give the path to your hard disk and it will work as the portable version from your hard disk.

The portable part:
You can just copy the Dev-CppPortable folder (created after step 5) from your flash disk to your hard disk or vice versa or to another flash disk or network share and things will just work fine without you going through the above steps again.
Just click on the Dev-CppPortable file inside the Dev-CppPortable folder and start compiling and running C++ programs.

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