Textbook and Reference


Update Oct 01
A reference has been decided for this course from week 6 onwards which is the C++ Language Tutorial by Juan Soulie. Download the PDF tutorial or read it online. You must read parts of this tutorial which will be referred to in the lectures instead of the references to the textbook (see below) since there is no textbook or any C++ book available at the Sur College LRC.
It is recommended that you download the PDF and keep in on your flash disk for easy reference - the PDF has all the same pages and material from the website.


An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, 3e
By Timothy Budd
Published by Addison-Wesley, 2002
ISBN: 0-201-76031-2

Unfortunately the textbook seems to be out of print and is not available easily so you will not find any copies in the LRC

However use the following links from the textbook website to look at some of chapters which the author has put online.
Home page of the book (Links to the chapters 1 - 7)

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